Interest free credit cards

If you are looking for a credit card with an interest free (0% interest) introductory period, it’s worth looking at the Halifax One card. Terms and conditions can change but this card has been offering up to a year’s interest free period, with 0% on balance transfers (subject to a 3% transfer charge). make sure that you pay the minimum amount or yopu may revert automatically to the standard rate

Do check credit card application terms & conditions very carefully as they are subject to change

Credit Card Rewards

Goldfish card gives you points that you earn with your spending, which you can then redeem for vouchers at for instance B & Q, Woolworths, Comet, Curry’s, PC World, Argos, Vue cinemas and many more. Goldfish is owned by Barclaycard and has recently DECREASED the value of points.

Sonycard. You get pluspoints towards Sony products from cameras to wide screen tv’s

Best deal of all for many is the Egg Money credit card, a cashback credit card which automatically adds cash back into your account.
Illustration: You get 1% cashback, so if you spend £1,100 in a month, you get £11cash back.

None of these cards currently have a monthly or annual charge.

NOTE: Information, card offers and terms subject to change.